10 simple questions to ask yourself before you hire your next nanny

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Our desire to provide the best for our children we are sometimes forced to trust the well-being of these precious souls into the hands of strangers.

So before you hire your next nanny, be sure to ask yourself these simple questions:

1. What level of accountability can be placed on my nanny’s reference/referral?

Do you know where to find the agent or person who referred the nanny to you? Ensure you have both their home and office address and let them know that you will find them responsible for the nanny’s conduct.

2. What do I know about my nanny’s last employer?

Make sure you get in touch with your nanny’s previous employer and find out why she is no longer in their employment before you decide if you are happy to have the nanny take care of your child.

3. Do I know for certain where my Nanny lives?

Insist on a current home address for the nanny and find a reason to visit and confirm her address.

4. Does my nanny have any ‘roots’ I can trace her back to if need be?

Make it your business to find out who your nanny’s friends, relatives and hang out joints are. Just in case you need to track her down one day.

5. What’s my nanny’s STD and other contagious disease status?

Make it your policy to know the health stays of anyone who works in your home to ensure the safety of your child and family.

6. Is my nanny’s telephone number registered?

Check that your nanny’s telephone number is registered with the telephone company to ensure easy tracking if need be.

7. Does my nanny have a bank account?

Insist on not paying your staff cash. Open bank accounts for them or insists that they must have bank accounts to work for you. Truth is, if where you find a man’s money box soon find him. Spending habits are very revealing of one’s whereabouts.

8. Make unannounced visits home.

Make sure you disrupt your routine and check on the nanny unexpectedly. You’ll be amazed what you find and also the nanny will tow the line if you keep things unpredictable.

In addition to these basic questions, you could also do the following to improve the safety of your child.

9. Techno poof your home:-

It's 2015 ladies you can watch what’s going on online and even from your phone wherever you are. All you have to do is install a CCTV system at home. Most of them are affordable and there are different systems at different prices. No matter which one you go for is sure much cheaper than your child ransom.

Also depending on your level of trust and suspicions, you can clone your nanny’s phone to keep track of her correspondence. Remember every evil act starts with a phone call.

10. Security checkmate:-

Ask your home and street security to keep an eye on the nanny and never let her out of the house with your kid until they verify with you. Not all kidnapping happens at home. Do same with driver and put a tracker on your car just in case your driver and nanny collaborate. Some cars have voice call in so that you can listen to conversations in your car while you are not there too.

As human beings, we need to strike the balance between being careful and imprisoning ourselves with fear. Try and find a balance between what is reasonable and what’s not. Above all trust your instincts and never ignore that nagging feeling that tells you to go home now!
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