5 Serious Reasons Why Guys Are Obsessed With Ladies Behind

5 Reasons Why Guys Are Obsessed With Your Behind
It's right there in the headline! That's how true it is! Whether ladies want to or not, men CAN'T stop staring at women. That's just how male sexuality works! Do you really want men to stop doing something that they can't stop doing? What's next—women should stop being really really good at laundry?

Here are 5 Reasons Why Guys Are Obsessed With Your Behind

1. Something To Grab

There’s no denying it, men love grabbing the butt. Guys enjoy having a woman with some meat down there because they like to squeeze, spank, and grip it. And not just in the bedroom, although that’s the main place they like some cushion for the pushin’ – holding onto a woman’s booty while she’s on top is kind of a must. But men love touching butts no matter where they are, like walking along the street, waiting in line, watching a football game, and the more you have to grab the better. What’s fun about pinching a bony butt? 

2. Looks Healthy

Seriously, when you see a woman with a plump butt, you instantly think she’s fit and healthy. And that’s from a woman’s standpoint. From a guy’s view, it’s the same thing but only more intense. They see a woman with a nice butt as someone who takes care of herself, works out and tries her best to stay in shape to look good.

3. Shows Fertility

Not only does a nice butt make a woman look healthier and more physically fit, but it showcases incredible vitality – especially to a man. In a guy’s eyes, a woman with the desirable hourglass figure (you know, the one us women cry about for not having) exhibits fertility. Why? Well, a woman with a wider bottom and broader hips are said to have much easier childbirth than a leaner woman lacking a bigger booty. There have even been several studies that have shown women with bigger bottoms actually produce smarter kids.

4. They’re Addictive

You can get addicted to pretty much anything – candy, sex, booze – so why can’t you get addicted to big butts? Well, guess what? Guys can. Eh, sort of. One study showed that men really do have a sort of addiction when it comes to women’s butts. When a guy sees a girl with a big butt, the same area of the brain that’s activated by drugs and booze is turned on. Ding! So, essentially seeing a big butt for a guy is like being tipsy on a nice scotch. Who says there’s no such thing as a booty high?

5. Steamy Sessions

Doggie style has been around for a long time but it’s even more popular these days thanks to the big butt craze. Guys love doing it from behind, but they love it even more when there is a nice ass to enjoy. A big booty provides the perfect doggie style position because it not only looks amazing from that angle, but it gives plenty to hold on to. There’s also a lot of spanking that can go on here in this position, so a big butt is more suitable for that because it can handle it. And it jiggles! The possibilities (and turn-ons) are endless.

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