5 Shocking Things Some Ladies Do To Become Famous

5 Shocking Things Some Ladies Do To Become Famous
Recently, the saying “there is nothing like bad publicity” has been taken all too literary. Some women have taken to extreme measures to become famous. 

Here are 5 shocking things some ladies do to become famous.

1. Sleep with ‘well-known’ celebrities

It started out in a subtle way with some women sleeping around with the “big” guys. It’s not once we have heard stories about women using their bodies to get to the top. It is now a full-blown way to become famous. Lots of women are trying to become famous by sleeping with a popular artist who has made it to the top hoping to “catch” some of that celebrity juice like a nasty strain of influenza. These women, later on, go gallivanting to blogs to brag about how they slept with a certain celebrity with no sense of shame. Clearly, these women will do anything to be relevant. It is even sadder that some of these women are called to give “motivational” speeches to young girls. We are in a nasty dilemma if these are the role models our girls are looking up to.

2. “Leaking” nudes

This has become a popular way to rise to the top and become famous. Some artists do this to gain publicity. Once their nudes “leak,” everyone is talking about them and wants to know all about them. Some ladies have had their nudes leaked and just like that, they became popular and went on to become a brand. SMH… SMH again…

Secret – Do not give your nudes to anyone. Even if they are for private consumption, the fucking NSA is watching; so we aren’t exactly safe, are we?

3. Creating controversy on Social Media pages

There are social media pages that everyone is following. They have thousands and thousands of followers all hungry for that juicy daily gossip. Some of the followers are silent followers, some are active members, some are haters, and some are just there to bring the drama. We have seen people become famous by starting a topic on these groups.

4. Brag about success

We know that people in our country are at different levels of life. There is the middle class, the rich, and the poor. Some people will use their wealth or riches to become famous by bragging on social media. Some will even go as far as to borrow to look good. Vacation pictures light up our timelines and soon enough people start to notice and the blogs begin talking. Most people will then follow their Instagram accounts and voila! Famous!

5. Big Butt

Some women seek pride in their big butts. This is why you will occasionally find disturbing pictures on your timeline of a backfired butt enhancing procedure. Come to think of it, some women build mansions because of their butts.
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