Every single lady at one point in time has always found themselves in relationships with no clear direction. You often wonder, “Does he only want to have sex with me?” Some men are often manipulative and make it difficult for ladies to discover their true intentions. It’s great when a guy appreciates your appearance and inner qualities, however, watch out for this 9 signs to measure if a man is only interested in having sex with you:


Flirty conversations and sexual text messages

If he always brings sex into every conversation you have with him, he only swaps sexy texts or photos to you, then he is only after Sex!

Only compliments your body 

If he rarely compliments your intelligence, sense of humor and accomplishments but rather compliments how hot you look, the shape of your butts and breasts, he is after Sex!

He sends you his nude pics 

Any serious man who wants to date you and take you to his mama wouldn’t text or float your phone with pictures of his manhood or ask you for yours within a short time.

He persuades you to drink alcohol 

Most men know that ladies can compromise their standards or go against their will when drunk and tipsy. If he continues to order alcohol for you, even after you are ok and only wants to get you drunk. It’s a sign he is only after sex!

He runs from commitment 

After being together for a long while, you notice he avoids the topic of ‘commitment ‘and rather gets annoyed when you ask him, but prefers only to have sex with you whenever you meet. Then he is after sex!

Only comes over at night 

If he only calls you around 11 pm asking if you can come over or if they can come over around midnight. Don’t think he’s just being busy; he is solely after Sex!

He doesn’t talk about family and friends 

If you don’t know his siblings, family members or his friends, though you have been seeing each other for years, he may just be after Sex!

He hardly has time for you 

If he has no quality time for you and always complain about being “busy” but only have time for you solely in the bedroom, my dear, he is only after Sex!

His ‘gifts’ are always sexual 

If the only gift he gets for you few weeks after meeting you are bras, vibrators, sex movies, rather than jewelry, perfumes or the kind… Sweetheart, he is only after sex!

If you notice these signs in your relationship, then the only option is to “abandon” the relationship and be patient till you get a serious minded guy who is ready for commitment! You can share your thoughts or perception on this…
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