A woman who gives birth through a C-Section is a disgrace to womanhood

Nairobi youths

Who can enlighten these single men who think a mum who had her baby through a C-Section is a disgrace to womanhood?

Yesterday afternoon I overheard some men discussing this during our lunch break, and most of them were saying they can’t spend their thousands to marry a woman, take care of her, and still pay for her baby to be delivered for her (C-S).

They added that such a girl is not better than a pregnant man, which can still make babies too that such girls are a disgrace to womanhood. They said their reason for life ain’t accomplished and that they are the products of the end time. They said God said through pains shall a woman deliver and not through CS, and any woman who can’t deliver is against God’s words.

Finally they said that a girl who falls down when slapped by a man, a girl who can’t ride bicycles and a girl who can’t make pounded Yam are examples of girls that can only give birth through CS, after considering the price of having a good CS, I began to queue into their belief.

I never agreed with them, but I had no reason not to believe them, so I need your thought on this.
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