Anyone who has ever done a breast lift should help me out here

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Black woman with sagging breasts

I breastfed my baby for over a year after which my breasts have never been the same again. It is not like they are completely fallen but they are not the way they use to be. The thing is it feels as if those strong things in the middle that hold the breasts firm are no longer there and this is just my first child.

I am afraid of what might happen after having my 2nd and 3rd birth. l might have nothing left on my chest again which will be off point considering my age plus the fact that my hubby is very sexual. He likes sexy things and buys good brassieres for me.

When I am all dressed up, he wants to see them all popped-up even if I’m wearing a simple T-shirt and it’s really sexy. My fear is, what happens when I can’t pop them up again? My first child is three and a half years-old and we are planning for another.

Please Help! Anyone who has ever done a breast lift should help me out here. Please don’t laugh.

A woman’s life is so hard when it comes to her body. We lose our beautiful shapes, bear our stripes with stretch marks all over our stomachs, thighs, hips and bums and our veejay never remains the same while a man’s body doesn’t have to go through all these changes. It’s not fair!!!

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