How Do I Make My Husband Open Up About His Finances

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I’m having issues with my husband about our finance.

He always complains whenever he wants to give me feeding money. Every Monday, he gives me 5-7k. I use this money to buy foodstuff, pay NHIF, fuel the generator, buy clothes for the kids and give the kids money for transport to school daily. All from this 5-7k monthly.

I don’t ask him for money to take care of my personal needs and how can I boast of anything tangible with my meagre salary of 12k monthly? Anytime he gives me money, he would tell me that he borrowed it. Meanwhile, I don’t hide my salary from him, but when he has, he doesn’t tell me. I don’t steal even though I know the economy is generally bad. All I want is for him to tell me the truth about his income. We will manage and God will sustain us. His insincerity is giving me concern after all these years of being married. I cannot afford to even send 5k to my dad for the whole year. It;s hurting me so much. I don’t want to sound like an ingrate but how do I handle this issue?

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