How my one night stand ruined my marriage

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I know many people will condemn me and call me all sorts of names. I understand that. Some of my friends have called me worse names but I always tell them to put themselves in the shoes I was in at the time and they would surely have done worse.

I am not justifying what I did but I am a human being and the situation I found myself in then could break even the strongest of women. It all started when my husband, started misbehaving after he got a new job.

When we got married, he worked for a telecommunications company and though his salary was not on the roof, he was earning a good some and we lived a comfortable life but all that changed when he got the new job with lots of fantastic perks like travelling abroad every six months, new cars every year, fat allowances and all that.

Instead of my husband seeing how far we had come together, he became something else. Women were now flocking around him and he kept a string of mistresses.

I got to learn about his infidelity when I was working on his laptop and discovered erotic messages he was exchanging with different women. There were nude photos he took with some of the women, including white women.

When I confronted him with my discoveries, I expected my husband to apologise and promise me he would behave himself but instead, he told me I had no right to invade his privacy and that he had every right to do anything he wanted and if I was not comfortable with them, I knew where the court was.

I was so hurt and this was the beginning of our troubles that saw my hubby turning violent, beating me up at the slightest anger, throwing my things out of the house several times. He often boasted that he could kill me and use the money to buy off the police. I was devastated and life lost meaning for me. Oh, I suffered in the hands of my once loving husband.

One day my friend invited me to her birthday party. I decided to go because I need a distraction from what I was going through, and while there, there was this man at the party, who noticed my moody mood and tried all he could to make me brighten up. he was so friendly that in no time, he was able to get me talking and without knowing what I was doing, I opened up to him and told him all I was going through.

He consoled me and went out of his way to make me smile, something I had not done in over eight months. After that day, he became my confidante, and he was always there for me. I was free to open up to him and he always consoled me. I became so dependent on him that I even told him my husband had not had sex with me in all the months we have been having issues.

One day, it happened. I had not planned for it, neither did he but it just happened. I ended up sleeping in his house that day. I would not know how my hubby got to know about that night but I guess he must have had someone to trail me.

In anger, he gave me the beating of my life. After that, he threw me out of his house and threatened that if I ever got close to his gate, he would kill me.

It is four months now and I have been begging him, sending people to talk to him but he is yet to bulge.

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I need help.
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