Ladies, Here Are Ways To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You

Ladies, Here Are Ways To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You
Many ladies are suffering and wailing in pain, their heart is in pain they keep it all to their selves because they don’t how to let it out. I got the drug for your headache, you need to get up and rise from your past shadow.

Here Are Ways To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You

Don’t call him on phone 
Calling your Ex on phone will make him feel too special and will make him feel like you can’t do without him, It will make him think that you are longing for him. Men love keeping their ego high, nothing gives them joy than seeing a woman who will be a carpet for them to catch on.

Value yourself more than anything 
Value yourself more than every other thing, never feel dumped or weak or low your Esteem when you come in contact with him. When you value yourself, you have to put yourself first in all you do than him.

Keep yourself busy
An idle mind they say is a devil workshop when you keep your mind occupied, you won’t have the time to think about him. Plan your schedule ahead of time. Read motivational books, anytime you find yourself less busy read, watch movies, or even sleep to relax your mind.
Show him you are better off without him
Don’t go into hiding or feel your world has crashed or you can’t move around, eat, or do anything without him. Dear always be happy, wear a smile on your face at all times, don’t get bothered because of him, and learn to move on.

Dress to kill
This is where the majority of ladies all get it wrong, Listen, Dear, That your man left you is not a guarantee for you not to take care of yourself, I say hell no to that, look for best outfit to put on at all time when I say dress to kill, I mean you should dress seductively, shake your hips and walk with confidence, Always look sexy at all time.

Work on your weak point
Discover those areas that always make you weak, those things you do see as a challenge to you, those things that you feel that makes him leave you, gradually improve on them and try and perfect those areas.

Never feel ashamed when you come in contact with him 
Ladies, I must say this,” you are who you are because you choose who you are”. Take a bold step and move on, Never feel shy when you come in contact with him. Show him you are better off without him, it will make Your Ex-regret leaving you.

Move on like it never happened
Finally, I want you to remember this, you owe yourself, That someone left you or dump you is not the end of the world, He left to create a vacuum for someone better than him to replace him. So I don’t see why you will make yourself misery because he left, walk out of that shadow, love challenge why not challenge yourself today, and see the difference.
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