My Boyfriend Is Everything I Want In A Man But…

Yellow teeth

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about six months now and we are planning to get married in the next six months.

He has everything I am looking for in a man. He is a nice and I am the first lady he is dating. The only problem here right now is his teeth, they are not good at all. I thought it will get better but it’s gradually moving from their yellow color to green and it seems it’s getting worse.

I am very disturbed and this gives me second thoughts about marrying him because I don’t know what his friends have been saying about his teeth. I also can’t imagine me kissing him after marriage.

I am a nurse and I know I can help him get rid of all that tartar and carries but I don’t know how to put this across without embarrassing or offending him. The very moment he smiles, I get pissed off and want to quit the relationship immediately.

Please advise me. Thank you.
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