My hubby has no conversations and call history! Is he cheating on me?

My hubby has no conversations and call history! Is he cheating on me?

I am in my late 30s and married with 3 kids, a good wife, and mother to my kids.

My hubby doesn’t have a good job but my job pays well. Therefore, I take a large chunk of the family’s expenses and I don’t complain. I love and respect my hubby a lot.

However, I discovered that my hubby engages in sex chats with ladies on WhatsApp and on other social media platforms. I have seen such chats severally and each time I confront him, he will swear he has nothing to do with them. We will argue and settle after making promises not to do again.

For a while, I have not been seeing these chats because I hardly go through his phone. I didn’t know he still chats but would delete his chats and calls history immediately after use.

This morning, his phone was switched off. When I asked him why he said because it is still charging. Immediately I turned on the phone, a WhatsApp message entered. It was a lady who addressed him as ‘dear’ and told him not to forget their previous discussion which he had already deleted.

When I asked him, he came up with flimsy excuses he has been begging me to believe him, that nothing is going on between them.

My concern is if there is nothing happening, why does he delete their conversations and call history? Is he cheating on me? I have been a good wife in all aspects and he says it all the time. Now, I don’t know what I have done wrong? Please advise me.
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