Help, my husband is attracted to my friend

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Hubby and I were invited to a friend’s get together over the weekend. It was a small intimate but very classy party with a handful of guest, basically couples. Everyone knew everyone. Among the guest was a very close friend of mine who was the only one who came to the party without her husband.

My husband had not eaten the whole day for some reasons. He got hooked on the wine that he was offered and before long, he was drunk. While the ladies were in the living room, the men were out on the verandah talking, jesting and drinking. I went to fetch some food for my husband since I knew he had had very little to eat. As I stepped out on the verandah to give my husband his food, I overheard him telling the other men that he is attracted to my friend – she’s the only guest who showed up without her husband.

Words cannot describe how I felt hearing this. She is my very close friend for goodness sakes. Which means that all the time she comes to see me, he’s been ogling at her. I wished I could break one of those empty bottles on his head. What would you if you were in my shoes? How would you respond to this?

Should I get back at him by telling him that I am also attracted to a friend of his too? Please advice me.

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