My Husband is Frustrating Me Into Leaving Our Home

Woman with her kid

I have been in this marriage for almost 5 years now and God has blessed me with one kid. The sad thing is my husband is frustrating me to leave. He hasn’t verbally asked me to but his actions speak volumes.

My husband is a chronic womanizer who jumps from single ladies to married women. He is also an entrepreneur and we both run the same business but he owns the business. Right under my nose, he dates the young girls and women working for us as long as he likes them.

He doesn’t respect me at all. He beats me up any time I confront him about his illicit affairs. His family is not helping on this matters because they always back him up. The problem now is that he has stopped eating my food and he comes home anytime he likes. I have separated my room from his because of his life style. He has stopped telling me when he is going out and where he is going to. He goes in and out anytime he likes and however he pleases. He has also told me to stop telling him when I am going out.

I’m confused because he doesn’t even see me as his wife again. I have prayed and I have been to several churches for solutions but to no avail. He embarrasses me in the presence of our employees as he wishes. I am no longer finding it funny and he is always telling everyone including his family members that I want to kill and that I am also having affair which is not true.

He doesn’t have any respect for my parents and my family members. He wants to frustrate me to move out on my own so that he can then tell his family and mine that I moved out on my own. I really don’t know what to do, so I need your candid advice to avoid making regrettable mistakes.

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