My Motherly Instinct Tells Leaving My Two Daughters Alone with Their Dad Is a Bad Idea

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I am very worked up about an issue right now and my motherly instinct has kicked in. I’m dropping my third baby in a few weeks and I have two daughters already. I started teaching them to sleep in their own room already and my youngest is adjusting well.

Recently, my oldest has developed this attitude of using every excuse in the book to run to my room in the middle of the night and I’m not finding it funny. Just this night, my hubby told me that when the baby comes, I will have to move out of the room that we both share into the children’s room so he can sleep with both our daughters in our room.

I have been reading horrible stories online about the horrible things some fathers are capable of doing to their daughter like sexual molestation. I’m not accusing my husband of anything but I am paranoid about things like that. If it happens to any of my girls, I will never forgive myself and my motherly instinct tells me it’s a bad idea.

So, I told him he is joking, that over my dead body will I leave him to share a bed with our two daughters. In fact, I am ready to move out of the house with all my children if he insists on sleeping with my girls on the same bed at night. I will never be comfortable with that plan. Will I be making the right decision?

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