Parents Be Alert! Wicked Video Trending on WhatsApp

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I saw a video that was sent to my WhatsApp. I cried all day because of what I saw in that video. The little girl should be between 12 and 14 years-old, the boy was about 4 years. This little girl was seen having sex, doing different styles with this small boy. At some point, she raised her legs to allow the boy suck her v****a pot after which she washed the boy’s mouth with water.

She turned around and the boy was seen giving her the doggy style with his small joystick. The bathroom looks like a public one, a shank outside the house. The girl was seen peeping around to see if someone was coming but continued her vile act.

Parents, especially those of you who live in large neighborhoods, be careful! My heart is heavy. This girl who probably has been groomed by another has practically turned this small boy into her sex toy. Oh no! And somebody was there in the hiding, videoing these acts. What is this world turning into?

Parents should watch the people their kids mingle with in the neighborhoods such as other kids, maids, that uncle or aunty who picks an unusual interest and lures them out of the public eye. I am scared and short of words. May God protect our kids from such wickedness.

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