She is chatting with my hubby, Should I also do the same with hers?

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I’m a 25-year old whose marriage is less than 2 years with a 10 months-old daughter.

Hubby has a married female friend who is quite close to him. In fact, they have been friends even before we got married at all and use endearments such as ‘sweety', ‘honey’, and ‘Shugah’ while addressing each other. Even the lady’s husband is aware of their friendship.

Initially, I complained, but he assured me nothing is going on, that they are just good friends and nothing more. It almost cost serious issues in my home, but I decided to let it be, telling myself God will judge them if their relationship is more than he is saying it is.

Sometime last year, I sent a Facebook request to the lady’s husband and the next day, hubby confronted me, asking if I was a friend to him or have ever seen or spoken to him. I was shocked and told him I sent the request innocently since we were all trying to be cool with their friendship. That issue ended after I canceled the friend request.

However, just yesterday, hubby was telling me how the lady recently brought up the topic again and was still amazed that I could send her hubby a friend request. She said I was being childish for thinking since she is chatting with my hubby, I should also do the same with hers.

My question is this, was I wrong to send her hubby a friend request? Why is she still having that in mind after almost a year? Should I go to her office and talk it out with her and really understand her issue with me? Or should I let the sleeping dog lie?

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