Should I Reveal this Thing I Did to my Husband?

Woman in a bad mood

My heart is troubled; I could do with some wise counsel. I got married to my husband 5 years ago and we are blessed with two kids. Before our wedding, he was working with a communication company. A few months after our wedding, unknown to me, he quit the job due to a misunderstanding at his work place with the hope that he would get another job.

This is his 5th year without a job. All these years, we have been living and managing from my meager salary and my dad’s assistance. I have been out of job for close to a year now and it has been like hell for us with little or no assistance from family members. These years have not been without quarrels, silly arguments, harsh hurting words from my husband but I kept enduring.

To cut the long story short, recently, I came across this man, an Admin Officer working in a company where I went in search for a job. Seeing the desperation to get the job, he asked me to become his friend that he will give me the job and take care of my needs.

I did not give in initially, but at a time, when my 2 children were ill, there was no money to either get them drugs or food., I went back to this man, one thing led to the other – and we had sex! After that, I was able to buy drugs for the kids and also some food stuffs with the money the man gave me. Since then, I have been living with this guilt and have kept it away from my husband. Even though I have confessed my sin to God, and I believe God has forgiven me, should I still confess this to my husband or continue as if nothing happened?

Your candid advice and opinion are needed, please!
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