Things I Love And Hate About My Husband

Sad African woman

My husband has some good sides and some bad sides. The sad thing is his bad sides outweighs his good sides.

Please read and judge for yourselves, then advice me on how I can cope with him? Better still, would you advice me to continue to stay married to him?

Things I love about him are;

1. He’s good looking
2. He’s God-fearing
3. He’s lively
4. He’s a good father.

Things I hate about my husband

1. He’s stingy
2. He’s disrespectful
3. He’s controlling
4. He’s lazy and dirty
5. He cheats and lies
6. He gets physical with me.
7. He’s petty and arrogant.
8. He’s a dream killer.
9. He discusses our problems with outsiders.
10. He has a talent for twisting anything I say.
11. He’s lazy so that makes him a bad provider.
12. He expects food but will not provide.
13. When he makes a little provision which he rarely does, he sings his own praises telling everyone who cares to listen.
14. He doesn’t show off his family on social media.

Would you keep or ditch a husband like mine?
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