A piece of my mind to my meddling manipulative In-laws

African woman with kids

Yes, he’s your son/brother, I’m not disputing that but remember how it all started and you could have stopped it but you chose to play along.

He met me, a young beautiful, intelligent and principled young lady…he liked what he saw, he liked who I was and then he came to you ” I have found the one” he said. You kept mute and said in your mind ” He must be joking he will get over it”.

He called to tell me he told you about me, I asked what you said and he said nothing. He professed love to me and told me he wanted to marry me, but I insisted on meeting you in person before accepting or not. I respected you already even though I haven’t met you, I know I needed your blessing before embarking on a future with your him.

I finally met you and you acted so nice…you made it look like it doesn’t matter where I come from unknowingly to me you acted out of your selfish reasons. You’ve been told my destiny will illuminate his and he will flourish like the lilies by the riverside. You ignored the part where you were told that I can’t be manipulated and I am too rigid to bend and yes stubborn too.

You made me feel welcomed and I humbled myself before you…I called you FAMILY and you called me DAUGHTER/SISTER. I never suspected it was all a sham. I accepted you before I accepted him. I never cared about how flat or huge his pocket is. He had nothing, not even a roof over his head. I cared less because I found love.

We prayed and sought Gods face and I was told not to marry him. I was adamant, he would die if I left him…oh he loved me too much to hurt him so, he knows how to love me I’ve never had such chemistry with anyone..he knows me as if I was him, and like a book he authored he could tell my thoughts, I fell uncontrollably for him …I prayed instead and asked God to take the wheel and drive us to where he wants us to be.. together or apart. There were obstacles but we made it. We got your blessing and you came with him and your kinsmen to ask me from my father(in blessed memory). You took me home, he has won the lottery ticket. He got a room, his salary tripled, an SUV, a well-furnished apartment, a saloon car…and he’s now an aspiring landlord…oh, less I forget he was promoted to the position of a manager and then made partner. Not to talk of our amazing princess and prince all in four and three years respectively.

You refused to play your rôle to me as in laws while I joyfully played mine as a wife, daughter, and sister, you used me to get what you wanted…now he can give you as much money as you demand of him. You didn’t realize he asks me first before giving you. You now see me as a rival while in my heart I see you as my family. I whisper in his ears to take care of you so that my kids can do same for me when I’m grey and wrinkled. I never wanted to take him from you,

And then you asked him to deliver me to you so you can shake me up a bit as he has over pampered me, so you can torture me. You are not pleased that you’ve not been called to resolve issues with us. I became a mother and you never took care of me. In pains and tears, I tend to my young ones alone while you smile in satisfaction thinking you’re getting to me. I was a novice yet I did it anyway, you made me strong… The woman I never knew was in me jumped out and manifested. They suckled and I’m filled, you didn’t get me after all. Well now I’m gonna have the last laugh. I won his heart because despite all you did I still loved you, cared for you and spoke well of you. You can’t accept me as one of you but He’s mine and I’m his. He is MY HUSBAND/YOUR SON/ YOUR BROTHER. WE can share in peace so long as everyone knows his space or forget it

For all your misdeeds and disdain treatments towards me, for trying to get him to enslave me and turn him against me…he has decided to cut you off and I’m just gonna sit and watch, I don’t know if it’s wrong or right but I’m done giving and not getting and I am staying off your business. You tried hurting me but you hurt him instead if only you knew that I AM HIM.
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