Barely 2 Years After Marriage, How Do I Control A Husband Like Mine?

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Dear mothers in the house, I need your urgent advice.

I have been married for one year and five months now. Luckily, I got pregnant three months after my wedding. In the second month of my pregnancy, I saw a lady in our house. I was staying with hubby and his family then and discovered the girl is my sister-in-law’s friend.

I realized hubby’s change in attitude and he was picking up little quarrels with me. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to find out what was wrong. To my surprise, I saw on hubby’ s phone that the girl is his girlfriend and he has been sleeping with her under my nose. I also saw that she is not the only one. I told MIL but they turned everything on me since I don’t understand their language.

After two weeks, hubby came home late and I saw a text on his phone from another girl, thanking him for the hot sex and money. Things like that went on over and over again, and he always begged for forgiveness. I thought our marriage was too young and that might be his weakness, so I told him to allow me to help him overcome it, with me supporting him spiritually and physically.

We moved to our own house subsequently and now, worse things are happening. Let me mention just a few. Hmm… in my seventh month of pregnancy, I caught him red-handed making love to a girl in our guest room – I had left the house for weekend lectures but had to return home halfway because I was not feeling well. I forgave him again.

Now, he is changing women like clothes, comes home late, sends them money and does not care about my boy who is now five months old.

I want to know, is it immature to warn your husband’s mistress who is tearing your family apart as you also deal with your husband? This particular girl has shown me she doesn’t care I exist – she rubs her affair with hubby in my face. Besides, how do I deal with my husband? I have been praying and fasting for him, I don’t ever deny him sex, in fact, I usually have to force him to sleep with me. I am very neat inside out and still in shape, even after birth. Why am I not enough for him?

Any attempt to talk to him now leads to quarrels, no matter how nice, calm and loving I approach it.
I love my husband and want to build my home, but his focus is somewhere else. Please, what strategies have experienced mothers been using to maintain a good and happy home? And to men like my husband, please stay faithful – really, life is too short to do nothing else but make your wife's life miserable.

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