Dear Ladies, Avoid these men with below average romance skills

African couple making love

The arousal of a woman is measured by her wetness. The boys who keep saying that some women are “maji maji” are just immature toddlers who are not worth any woman.

When a woman is wet, she enjoys making love even more, it is easy to penetrate, no risk of abrasions that might result in infections, it is easy to bring her to climax, it is easy to go deeper to her Anterior Fornix zone and stimulate her into a cervical orgasm, it is easy to locate and stimulate her G spot such that it will make her experience an ejaculatory orgasm where a gush of fluid comes out of her as she climaxes, it is easier to give her multiple orgasms since when a woman is highly aroused she stays in that state for as long as she is being stimulated, it is easier to play “karezza” e.g. to spread her out and play along her honey pot such that she will let go her sexual tension and release lots of energy from within her marked by female ejaculation, etc.

If a woman does not get wet due to your stimulation then obviously she is not into you, she is not feeling you or she is simply not ready physically or/and psychologically to make love to you. It could also indicate as a man your romance skills are below average and you really need to improve on that otherwise you have a long way to go. 

So ladies, if you come across a man who considers aroused ladies as “maji maji” just dump that little boy to continue eating her “biscuits” in peace which can only be enjoyed when they are dry!
Go for real men, go for real divers whose skills are measured by the depth of waters they can dive!
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