How do I amend for this sin I unknowingly engaged in with a man of God?

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Sometimes we sin unknowingly not knowing where the repercussion would come from.

In mid-2016, I met a man on my way coming from a supermarket. He walked out of his car to me and started praising my looks. He was with his friend. He requested for my contact but at first, I refused but since he insisted, I gave him a line I only use for browsing.

Later that evening, he called me to ask me if can go and hang out with him in his hotel room but I told him I don’t hang out with people I don’t know. However, I decided to play along since he seemed to be flaunting excessive money. He came around again and this time took me for shopping and bought me an expensive phone. We kept communicating until I started liking him. It was on that day he asked me to be his girlfriend.

He confirmed he was married with 3 kids and had a lovely wife but I couldn’t resist his kindness towards me, so we began dating but I made sure his wife never suspected as he loves his family so dearly. We never spoke when his wife is at home but when his wife is not around we talk he even used to give his kid the phone to speak with me when the wife is out of town.

Sometimes my instinct told me there’s was something else about this guy so I decided to find him on Facebook which took me so long. Finally, I saw this man and his lovely family. I opened his photos and behold I saw this man dressed as a BISHOP. The man I’ve been dating is a Bishop! His friend that was with him in the car that day who helped him to toast me is also a Pastor and owns a church in the city. My heart melted and I felt so disappointed.

I added the wife’s Facebook account and I want to confess to her. He really lavished his money on me but I felt guilty when I discovered that he is a Bishop, a confirmed one.

Should I still go ahead and chat with his wife and let her know that her husband disrespects God and is a false prophet or should I let it die? He still called me occasionally but I’ve blocked him from calling me.

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