How FGM impacted my life: A sharp razor blade was used!

African woman with kids

There was no anesthetic and a sharp razor blade was used. I remember my sister and I screaming afterward. We went home bleeding in diapers and, for a week, it was like we were little girls with menstrual periods. My mom was bathing us and diapering us.

Deep down, mom was not happy for some reason. She burst into tears telling me that our late paternal grandmother ordered my dad to have us do it. This tradition is over 70-years-old. Our grandmother was a traditional Muslim woman who dictated many rules to her young son, my dad.

Calling FGM an operation is nothing. It was a cultural barbaric act used to decrease the female libido. It caused me post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for life.

I don’t experience orgasm during sex and that is why I promote the use of sex toys among women, though some men here will start attacking me saying I am discouraging African women ‘from the real thing’.

Sex is not important. I have no libido or urge to have sex and I’ve been celibate for 2 years. Millions of women in Africa go through this, but they cannot talk or be outspoken like me. It is shameful and a disgrace to them.

Many women say they fake orgasms and others have husbands who go out to prostitutes and girlfriends. FGM has destroyed marriages.
My message to girls who have been through it is to stay strong and get into support groups. I would like to be a UN Ambassador and travel around Africa forming support groups in communities and educating girls about sex education the right way, instead of cutting part of their genitals off causing a lifelong traumatic problem.”
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