How I Cured My Hubby’s Cold In The Bedroom

Black couple

Hubby came back this evening shivering and said he was feeling very cold. According to him, he was drenched in that yesterday’s heavy rain and he’s one who catches a cold very easily.

I had to rush down to the pharmacy to get some drugs. He took the drugs but there was no relief. I monitored him carefully as waited for almost two hours but I noticed no difference. I became even more worried as I thought of what next to do. Then something very silly crossed my mind…. Lol.

Guess what I did? I quickly went under the sheets and gave him a very nice blo*job. After that, I rode him slowly, while caressing his whole body like there was no tomorrow. I must have blown his mind away as he just kept shouting, “you will kill me ooh!” In less than 20 minutes, my hubby started sweating and responding to my moves as I felt his hands all over me. Then I said, “yes, em don well.” (I can see you are well now).

Well, as you must have guessed, we had a very nice time and I am happy, I was able to make him well again. 

So I want to know, does sex cure colds faster than some drugs?
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