Women love sex just as much as men do if not more. What most women are afraid of is revealing their inner 'slutty' side to the outside world for fear of repercussion and social outcast/judgment. While you're busy taking her shopping and buying her expensive gifts at TRM she'll be busy thinking about getting cum-shots on her face or getting fucked dominantly from behind. And make no mistake, when you're not sexually satisfying your woman and helping her live out your dreams and desires, she will find somebody else to help her live out her fantasize in the real world. And this is where the 'bad boy' will be the one sexually enjoying her kinky slutty side and having fun, while you the 'nice guy' will be massaging her feet and shopping for the wedding ring.

For a long time, we've been made to believe that women are nothing but little angels who don't like sex. Talk to one of your friends or a group of women and they'd tell you women don't like men who constantly talk and think about sex. Even if you talked to women themselves they would have you believe that having sex is the last thing on their mind and that they'd prefer to spend their time dating a 'nice guy' who treats them like goddesses on pedestals. But being the adventurous and behaviorist guy I am, I pay more attention to a woman's actions and body language and I've discovered something very profound and eye-opening: All women are 'sluts' who enjoy having hot raunchy sex with powerful sexy men. Every girl you meet has an 'inner slut' inside her, and the onus rests on you as a man to unleash and bring out her naughty sensual side. The number one thing that I hear most women say when I tell them that all women are 'sluts' is that 'oh am different and special and I don't meet men for sex'. 

Talking as a man with some experience, you should recognize that this is all nonsense and false societal programming. Society and media want us to believe that the key into a girl's pant is to take things slowly, compliment a woman and make her 'like' you - all these would be true except that in the real world things are a bit different. The truth is; all women are sexual creatures who love sex, and love meeting a strong dominant man who is going to boldly seduce them and teach them new things about sex and about their own bodies that they didn't even know they could do. All women love meeting men who can 'claim' them, lead them to quick hot raunchy sex and overcome their last minute resistance. The guys who are able to pass all the girl's tests are the guys who know and realize that all women have an erotic slutty side to them and enjoy experiencing screaming orgasm and ecstasy.

NOTE: The key difference is how you treat a woman. The way you interact with women will dictate whether or not she will reveal her naughty side to you. Personally, I interact with a lot of women both in the Facebook world and outer world, and the key to scoring on a woman and making your seduction effective is to be non-judgmental in your communication if you like the naughty and free-spirited woman the work is easier.

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