I am scared to death because I’m pregnant with another man’s child

Woman with urine test kit for pregnancy

7 months ago my husband left to seek a bright future abroad. He came home to spend a month with us before going back. Since he came I have begged him to have sex with me so that I can pin it on him but he has constantly refused.

I can’t really say he’s doing it intentionally because he’s the caring type. I have been enduring and believing all will be well till now but my hopes are fading away.

It all started when a friend asked me for advice concerning his marriage.

His wife can keep malice with him for 3 to 6 months. He goes around with frustration written all over him. They have no child and he called me two months ago that his wife has packed and was crying like a baby and I kept encouraging him and all that.

He has been telling me he wants to marry me but he’s putting himself in my husband’s shoes.

He called me 2 months ago and I went to his house. As I was about to leave, he kissed me and before I knew it we were having sex which has never happened. I was so carefree thinking nothing would happen because I am safe and I have been begging God for forgiveness since then.

I started feeling somehow unwell last week and I took a urine test at home and it came out positive. I’ve been thinking of what to do since then. I am confused.

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