I appreciate God for his provision but I have never enjoyed my marriage

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I Need Help as I’m Fed Up With My Husband

I got married to my hubby 6 years ago and we have 2 kids and I am fed up.

I’m more advanced educationally than hubby. I started higher institution a year after I had my first child.

Problems started when I told hubby to further his education but he said he wants to do business. I told him that whatever him that getting an education would help him in whatever he wanted to do but hubby felt I was controlling him.

We had a huge misunderstanding sometime ago, so bad that his family got involved. I was so surprised when the most senior family member of hubby’s family who was in town told me that what belongs to me belongs to my hubby, that it doesn’t matter who provides.

This is an Apostle in the church, that would not allow his graduate wife work.

He is contract staff who earns 10k monthly and according to him, he only he gets paid after 6 months. I have been doing all I could to stand in the gap and this made him so relax.

Taking on all financial responsibilities even made me almost forget my obligations to my parents. I pay the rents, children’s school fees, my needs, clothing, you name it.

I had my second child 2 years ago, but I resumed duty as soon as my baby was born. I took a loan to buy him a commercial bus for him to drive so he can fulfill his duties as a father. When the bus came, he felt like he was on top of the world and would come home with different excuses and stories.

He wouldn’t listen to me, so I had to keep bearing our family’s financial burden even though he was making an income driving the bus.

The day I asked to know how much he had saved from driving the bus, I was shocked to hear nothing. He gave me excuses of buying this and that. I almost fainted, because the deductions to service my loan and the cooperative loan was affecting my take home.

Out of annoyance, I screamed at the top of my voice wanting to seize the keys from him. Hubby beat the hell out of me, but I got him arrested. His family came and he painted me black before them.

I only told my in-laws that my only witness was the Bible before us and that if they want to judge, they should not forget that they too have a daughter. I told them all that happened. I was shocked that they only looked at each other, and later apologized to me.

I told them I did the right thing and he promised never to lay hid hands on me again. But his attitude towards his responsibilities never changed.

October 2017, will be 2 years since my husband has been driving that bus, yet he still has no savings, no saving. I took his bank card to check his balance, and I saw only 5K.

I’m fed up.

Whenever the bus gets damaged, he’ll sit at home. Once, he sat at home from March, April, May, June until I gave him money in July to fix the bus.

I appreciate God for his provision and my ability to keep my home but I have never enjoyed my hubby for six years now. Is this a spiritual problem or what? I need help.

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