I can no longer deal with the relationship as it is

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I recently broke it off with a guy who has a girlfriend after 5 months. He has been with her for 13 years. When we first hooked up, I told him that if he is not serious about me then don’t do it and he has 6 months to wrap that situation up. Well, they have a business together and they see each other daily. 

However, for the first three of the four months, we spent every evening and we spend our weekends together. I finally broke it off this week and blocked us from calling one another. I hated I got myself in this situation but he says he is not ready to leave her. His friend told me he has worked with them a year and never seen him touch or kiss her and he understood her to be there only to get the money she put in back. But he says our friend loves me and he has seen him touch and kiss me numerous times. 

He told me this week he was going to a party with her. I had asked him back in November to go to church with me that night as a birthday gift to me. I was livid and I broke it off. After two days, I got weak and tried to call him last night but he didn’t answer and in fact, I think he kept hitting ignore on his phone. No problem. I was hurt and I put the block back on. I love him and I believe he loves me. 

He got us all (myself, my daughter and my mom) gifts. He denies me in front of his grown kids and has never invited me to his home (all three of us live with our elderly parents) or introduced me to his parents. I did, however, meet them at my work one day. His family knows about us but I hope they don’t think I’m a homewrecker. I haven’t spoken with him in three days…the longest we’ve gone since we started seeing each other. 

I can no longer deal with the relationship as it is. In fact, I do not trust him at all. He’s just a charming, handsome, lovable guy and everyone loves him. But I have to go. Just wondering though, if he misses me and how does he even feel about the breakup…and did I do the right thing or should I have remained friends with him like he asked?

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