I know I sound desperate but I want my friend’s hubby badly!

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Well, back in May my friend contacted me telling me she’s getting married to a guy they have been dating for four months only. She was telling me this because I'm a makeup artist & she wanted me to do makeup for her. I told her my price & she said agreed.

A month later I got an instant message on Facebook from a guy saying, "Hi Sister in Law". It was her groom to be speaking to me so we started to chat. I hadn’t been with a guy or spoken to a guy in over 18 months & the convo was great. It was a just casual talk at first then the flirting came. He then told me that I should feel free if I ever wanted to talk to him about anything, he even offered to give me his number. I told him I didn’t want any drama but I couldn’t refuse his number. I got wrapped up in how great it felt to actually have a guy that I could talk to.

After some time, my friend called me wanting me to meet her fiancé because now she's referring to me as her sister. Before we met I asked him if he wanted to meet me earlier & have lunch with me. He agreed & said how nervous he would be. When we met up he couldn’t stop staring at me. He told me how beautiful I was & how he hadn’t smiled like this in a minute with his fiancée'. He then spilled the beans & told me how he is a swinger. So that's why it didn’t bother him meeting me. Kind of like he had a school yard crush on me. Then before you know it he told me he wants to have "fun" before he gets married & wanted it to be with me.

At first, I hesitated because of my friend would be crushed if she found out but all she was concerned with is me being her beck & call. When I needed something, she was too busy with him but I had to run for her when she needed something. I guess that’s why it didn’t bother me when I said yes & we got together.

Feelings started getting stronger then we told each other that we loved each other. Now here is the killer part, when I told him how I felt about wanting us to be together since they were constantly fighting, he told me he loves me but he's getting married. Then the kicker, I still care for him & want to see him as much as possible before wedding in a few weeks. I know I sound desperate but no other guys have been coming my way.
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