If it's built on a lie, it's sure bound to fail

If it's built on a lie, it's sure bound to fail
Ricky & I had been together for about 3years when I'm guessing it started, that's when he seemed to change. Like any couple we had our problems, we argued over dumb **** like it was his turn to vacuum the rug, do the dishes, etc. (we lived together) but his whole demeanor towards me seemed to have changed over the course of a few weeks, maybe a month. So one night he went out with his brothers & was going to stay the night at his parents’ house, so I got myself ready for a night. As I open up my laptop I notice that he left his Facebook open (& I've never been the type of girl to go thru someone's accounts, phone, etc.) & to my surprise the message between him & his ex-co-worker popped up (so I read what they were writing each other because he was supposed to be out with his bros.) To my surprise, they were planning to meet up (apparently, he was messaging her from an app on his phone), have sex & she would take him out & buy him stuff.

I was enraged, hurt & felt all around betrayed, so instead of acting mature I lashed out on his account saying all his **** would be outside when he got back, I was going to change the locks & that she was a trifling *** homewrecking hoe...not my finest hour, but hey I was lashing out in anger because I was hurting. Next thing you know he starts blowing up my phone & I tell him to go live with her & hang up on him.

Long story short, we broke up & I ended up taking his sorry *** back because I was dumb, naive, scared of being alone & thought that he really loved me & just made a mistake...little did I know! So long story short, he proposed to me sometimes later. Then about 4 months later he told me that same woman was 7 months pregnant with his kid & he begged me to stay with him...I had way more than enough of his lying & cheating, I was beyond done & told him to go be with her after I smacked his face. I guess she got what she wanted, after all, was said & done, but even though he was all hers, he continued to contact me via Facebook, emails, texts, etc. Which eventually led to her harassing me because he was clearly doing what he had done to me, to her now...little did she know, it wasn’t with me.

Basically, what I'm trying to get across to you is if he'll hurt me, what makes you think he won't do it to you too? Moral of the story is "if it's built on a lie, it's sure bound to fail" Please honey, learn to love & respect yourself enough to know that you deserve better than to be his #1, #2 or #3...instead of being a number make sure you're the only one. I did, now I'm happily married to a wonderful, faithful, loving man & we have a beautiful daughter.
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