Locals Watched in Disbelieve and Disgusted By Gor Mahia Fans’ ‘Childish Celebrations’

Gor Mahia Fans’ ‘Childish Celebrations’

On Saturday 23rd, KPL champions Gor Mahia F.C played Tusker F.C at the Kericho Green stadium in Kericho town. Both team supporters landed in the peaceful green town shortly after midday.

But it was not until Gor fans arrived and the cool town suddenly turned chaotic. They blocked the major roads while chanting support for ‘Baba’ Raila Odinga. A football event had suddenly turned political, perhaps their intention is to provoke the locals who reside in the region well known to be a Jubilee zone

Gor Mahia Fans’ ‘Childish Celebrations’

However, the local residents simply watched as all the sickening dramatic events unfolded.

A Gor Mahia male fan lies on top of a female fan as they celebrated their win

Soon after the game ended, they left the stadium and took to the streets once again celebrating their win against Tusker FC. This time dancing, hugging, kissing, swimming in muddy waters and showcasing all manner of theatrics in full eyes of the public. They tried using one of their buses to block a road going to the stadium but the road users immediately retaliated. The locals here watched in disbelieve as all these unfolded.

Businesses came to a standstill as the football fanatics from Luo Nyanza literally took over control of the ever cool Kericho town. Some business owners closed their premises fearing that they could start looting.

What must have disgusted the residents the most was when they started shouting that Uhuru Kenyatta is not their President and he must go home and should always respect their “President Raila”.

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