Men Are Not The Same, My Husband is a Rare Gem!

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My husband deserves this. He is a rare gem. There are good marriages, almost fairy tale marriages if you like but they are the rare gem. I say almost because no one is perfect.

My husband and I are two imperfect people but perfect for each other. We have been married for almost 11 without a child. In these 11 years, I have never been pregnant, neither have I missed a period.

In fact, I have done 3 IVF which all failed, yet we have been at peace with each other. Even though my husband was given a clean bill of health, he has never made me feel like it’s my fault nor my problem alone. He even told me to stop trying due to the emotional impact it usually has on me. The techniques are quite invasive too.

He tells me, “Mope, I didn’t marry you because I want children. I married you for you, for your companionship.” He calls me his best friend. Don’t get me wrong, we both want children and we know how important and fulfilling it is to have them. The point I am trying to make is that our condition is not tearing us apart. In fact, it has brought us even closer against all odds, including family members.

Our family members do not know who has an issue. They are tired of guessing and making suggestions. My husband warned me to not divulge any information to anyone.

According to him, they are neither God nor the doctors treating us, so why do they want to know. How will informing them help us? When his family became too nosey and troublesome, he warned them to stop visiting and if they must, they will have to call first.

In all of these, my husband spoils me silly. He didn’t even want me to work but I told him, I needed work as a coping mechanism. Yet, he ensures I lack nothing. Designers and frequent luxury trips.

We do have our moments though but I have never had any reason to move out of the house, neither has he. There was a day he came home late and there I was imagining all sorts of things. “What if he was in the arms of another woman, making the babies I cannot give him.” As he got back, my insecurities and my emotions got the better of me and I verbally attacked him. I had forgotten that my husband had told me earlier that he was going to visit her mother that day.

I saw his missed calls but when I called back, his phone was switched off because his battery had died.

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