Couple in bed

To some, it’s embarrassing to have their kids walk in when making out and others consider it morally wrong.

As a result, parents react to such a scenario differently with most completely confused at the hit of the moment. LOL.

Well, here are some things you could do in such an awkward moment;

Don’t panic;

You’ve got to stay cool and gently cover up the sheet, say nothing happened. The moment you start panicking, you are indirectly giving your kid an idea of what’s going on. It’s psychological, no matter how little the baby is, he or she may have an idea from your reactions. So, try and put a smile on your faces and talk to your child relaxed.

Allow them to run out;

Now, for your older kids who know what sex is, chances are they will bounce back immediately they step in and find you doing it. Don’t react immediately, let them go feeling probably embarrassed as yourselves, you all will get over it. All you need to do is to spend a child-parents time and explain things to them.

It could be wrestling;

To your kids who have no idea what you two are doing, it’s easier to get away with it. Just hook up something. Like…. “We are just having fun or probably trying to wrestle”. Just find something to say to play with their intelligence.

Explain why you are naked;

Since the child may be exposed to something really explicit for his or her age, try and let them know why you both are that way and that it’s not normal way for adults to stay without their clothes on. You could say maybe, you both are trying to take a shower or something you know….

Observe their reaction first;

Don’t be too quick to explain yourself; the child may not even have an idea of what’s going on. Just relax and watch them react before you act. Don’t be on the defensive side so fast.

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