Please help, am having issues with my Fiancé concerning my virginity status

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I’m in my early 20s and we have been dating since December 2016 and just started trying to make out in April this year. He tried to dis-virgin me in April but had to stop halfway because I was complaining it was painful. He then tried the second time again that same day and stopped halfway like the first time.

I traveled home since then and we did not meet again until yesterday. We had sex and I did not feel any pain neither did I complain about anything to him. He returned back home and called to tell me that my vagina isn’t tight and he noticed I did not feel pains. I told him noticed the same thing too but just did not want to tell him about it.

He then asked me if I have another boyfriend. I told him, no but he doesn’t want to believe that I did not cheat on him. I have sworn with everything I know that he met me the way he left me but he is insisting on getting an explanation. I have been begging him but he maintains I am lying. He is the best guy in the world and I don’t want to lose him. Right now, I am confused and sad because I have never cheated on him not even in my thoughts. I have never allowed any of my EX thrust my vagina when we were dating but yet he said it wasn’t as tight as the first time like other virgins he knows.

My two friends who told me about how they felt when they were dis-virgined told me it was very painful. I don’t know why my case is different. Can someone please explain why I did not see any blood when he tried to dis-virgin me the first time and why was it easy for him to penetrate 2 months after. I am not seeing any other guy except him. I have been begging him since yesterday but he doesn’t believe me.

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