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2 days ago, a married woman wrote an open letter to single girls wondering why some girls have refused to leave married men alone. Well, here’s a reply by a single girl.

Dear Married Women,

Curiosity has always made me wonder why married men cheat, leave you at home and would not let we single ladies be and allow our fellow single guys have a good chance with us. Throwing gifts, money, and vacation at us without asking or without agreeing to their request yet, who doesn’t like good things?

To think one can live a free life being an independent pretty lady has been robbed off us, yes ladies that pays their bills with their earnings without your husband’s money do exist (Shout out to my fellow independent ladies out there) but if your husband decides to take it upon themselves to help pay our bills, who are we to say no, it’s their choice and why should we reject an harmless offer, it ease our responsibilities. In case you don’t know, they beg for our attention, affection and shower us with gifts and vacations we don’t ever ask for.

You think we like older men, for your mind, you think we like we way your husband look at us lustfully because we’ve been blessed with a beautiful figure eight shape, you think we like the way your husband look at our boobs while they talk to us and the way they look at our butt while we walk away and can’t report them or do anything about it because they are our boss, you think we like them bombarding us with calls and attention, you think we like the fact that they only last 2minutes in bed and not more than one round (boring)?

Yes they’re matured, they offer to pay our bills (we don’t ask them to), they offer us vacation abroad just to spend time with us (most of us haven’t been outside town before), some even go as pleading that we get pregnant with them, send us abroad and continue our life there, please who doesn’t like good things especially when they are free?

Only the childish ones say bad things about their wife, they say good things about you and how they also respect you. We are more than aspirin to your husband, we help keep your husband sane and also make them insane when we want to, and we always have them in our palms.

We are not putting asunder to anything or helping to defy his vows, your husband can’t see a hot pretty independent lady as a friend, secretary, colleague and look away, it turns them on and it’s never our fault they get turned on even without being touched, some of us ladies are wonderfully made with hot bodies.

Single ladies are getting vicious, remember a campus lady who sent his wife packing, Mr. the so called your husband, comes home once a month and he has not been himself lately, so be warned.

They cry like babies when we tell them we are no longer interested, they beg us with everything when we are angry with them and throw tantrum at you at home, they are our babies.

If you want peace, talk to your husband not us and tell them to leave the single ladies alone.

Un-Concerned Single Lady!

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