The Meanings Of The Different Types Of Noise Women Make During Sex

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Satisfying women in bed is not an easy feat and they know this which is why a number of them make different types of noise during sex to make men feel good. Finding the G-spot is about as difficult as getting an answer from your girl when you ask her where she wants to go for dinner or her real age.

When it comes to getting down and dirty with your partner, it is important that you’re able to decode the many sounds she’s making, even though it is almost an impossible task. Some of the questions you have probably asked yourself include Is she faking it? Is she enjoying it? Is she bored and hoping you’re almost finished?

Before you go ahead for your next sexual romp, here are the meanings behind the noise and common vocal expressions women make.

Heavy Breathing

Heavy breathing is a classic noise that women make in bed. The fact is some women are not given to wasting energy making actual sounds because she’s so into whatever you’re doing. If you hear her breathing heavy and rushed, chances are you’re doing things right.

Complete And Total Silence

The only time she can be in complete and total silence is when she’s holding her breath because she’s close to orgasm. If she doesn’t make any form of sound or noise all through, chances are you need to step up your game or that maybe the last time you’d be with her.

A Weird Noise

When she mistakenly lets out a weird noise, there’s a likelihood that she will immediately regret making such sounds. She is so into the lovemaking that she has no control over her body anymore, that the weird noise slipped out. Chances are this will happen more often than you think, and you should get used to it and be nice to her. Know that sex can be awkward sometimes and make her feel comfortable.

Loud Shrieking Noise

Women that make sounds like this are most likely watching too much pornography and this makes them think you enjoy her making such sounds. The truth is she’s most likely faking it and things are not as intense as you think.

Low Sounding Moans

Some women are not used to being vocal during sex and if they happen to be the shy type, chances are the moan will even be lower. While there’s a chance you think she’s forcing out the sounds to make you feel good, things are most likely not what you think as she’s offering you the highest noise compliment she can.

Screaming Out Her Lungs

If she’s screaming, she may be into you a lot or she may just be in pain with the activity. It is important for you to be able to tell the difference. If you’re unable to tell if she’s enjoying me or if she’s in pain, ask her if she likes it or not.

Laughing At Awkward Occurrences

If something awkward happens while the both of you are engaged in love making such as your partner mistakenly hitting your head, knocking something over or breaking the bed and she laughs about it, it’s probably because she is comfortable with you and she’s enjoying herself.

If she’s, however, giggling all through your lovemaking session, there maybe something underlying that you have to ask.

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