Before you hear the rest of this story let me first say I never meant for any of this to happen. My biggest regret is the way it ended. I also want to say that I am not a complete douche. As this story unfolds itself it may seem that way, and yeah, I made some reckless decisions, but the truth is throughout the whole thing I always did what I felt was best for me. It is only now when I reflect on the past can I see that I was wrong no matter what I did. If you are wondering this all happened some years ago, back in the day. Now that my little intro/warning is over here is the part 2 of  THE PLAYER SIDE OF THE STORY(PART 1).

But like all people at the height of a good thing, I never thought it would end. Honestly, it didn't just end. It actually came crashing down on top of me, leaving nothing left, but broken dreams, broken hearts, and broken spirits.

Like I said above, all ended pretty badly, to say the least, but let me go back to before the beginning of the end to shed some light on exactly what happened. It was a normal day. My main chick was getting ready to go somewhere to visit some family. I went and saw her before she left. She told me that before she left that there was a surprise she wanted to give me. She told me to close my eyes so I did, and then she kissed me. This was actually our first kiss. At that moment I never realized that she was never coming back. Anyway, since she was gone I made plans to go to the movies with my side chick. Later that night when I was chilling with my side chick I kept getting a text from my main chick. I figured she was out of town, and whatever she wanted to talk about could wait. After the movie, we were just chilling. Two people with nothing better to do. Honestly, it was a special moment. She started talking about her dreams and stuff, and I just kind of listened occasionally nodding in agreement. Then she started talking about us. How special we were, and kind of felt bad. considering she didn't know about my main chick. Then I made a huge mistake. I told her that I had a surprise for her. I told her to close her eyes, and as you can guess I kissed her. I wish I could say it didn’t mean anything, but I honestly don't remember. It just kind of happened. So, I went home and that's when my main chick called. She told me the journey was canceled so she just chilled around town. Then she asked me a question that started the beginning of the end. She asked me about the kiss. I said it was good. Then she said " No. The other kiss"

Well, I guess you already know what happened. I don't really have an end to this story because I don't see the point in telling it. You can all guess that she was pissed, and I tried to make it right, but I couldn't. There was nothing I could say to justify my actions. Which honestly is a personal problem. But since this is my story I can talk about my personal problems. The worst part about the whole thing isn't the mark left on my face from when she slapped me. It's not the fact that she will probably always hate me. It's the fact that because I was stupid she will never be the same. She will never love the same, or trust the same way ever again. Which is the biggest travesty of this whole story? I guess I am saying all of this to say that even though side chicks have great benefits it never works out in the end. Somebody always ends up scarred. And scars never truly heal.
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