We had to use the restroom and it was worth it

Couple in the shower
It started with a peck, then a longing looks into the eyes followed by a deeper kiss. "I have to make a run to the bathroom," I said breaking the kiss. I jumped up before he could say anything and rushed in the direction of the restroom, hoping for an escape. But damn those athletic legs on a 6'2 frame.

They were right behind me and met me at the door to the ladies' room. I turn to face him and laugh "you can't come in here". He pushes past me inside the restroom and I could hear his deep voice proclaim that the bathroom needed to be cleared for repairs. Confused looks on the ladies faces as they exited the bathroom while he held the door open. As the last lady left, a blonde, he takes my wrist and pulls me in and locks the door behind me.

Before I know it, his lips find mine again. I yield to the pressure, I yield to everything as his hands travel up my dress and caress my ass. A slight moan escapes my lips as he snatches my panties down and meets my lips down below with his tongue. Already on the verge of bliss I grab his head and release my passion on his tongue. No running away now. Simultaneously he rises up, lowers his pants, and lifts me up to enter. My hands grip his neck and shoulders and I wrap my legs around his waist. He purposely goes slow and time almost stops as I feel every single inch fill me up. In and out, slowly he strokes while sucking my neck. I can feel another orgasmic release is near so I cover his mouth with mine to stifle the cry. As I grip him tighter he quickens the pace and becomes more forceful with his strokes. I lick his earlobe and hear a commotion outside of the bathroom door. That gets him more excited then I feel him shudder then release his warm flowing essence deep inside of me. Just as I'm pulling up my panties and he snaps his jeans closed, keys rumble in the lock and the door bursts open. We both run out before the stunned cafe employee could get a "hey!" out.

Giddily we run out of the cafe on the sun-filled sidewalk and run around the corner. Feeling safe we finally slow down our pace, breathlessly laughing. $ads={2}
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