What happens when your man prefers his hand over you?

Woman shocked

We'd been living together a little over 4 months and he already preferred the couch oversleeping beside me in a cozy bed. He was the first and only man I'd ever slept with, and somehow he no longer desired me. I'd prepare meals naked, he'd eat alright...just not me. I'd attempt to massage him to set the mood and he'd instantly fall asleep.

What in the hell is it about me?!

Is he cheating on me? Hell, it wouldn't be the first time. But I thought he'd grown past that now that I gave up my virginity and all.

Yesternight after watching 10 PM  movie, he again opted to sleep on the couch. Oh, please know that if he had gotten in that bed I would've backed my phat ass up on him, lol.

I'm a light sleeper so I heard him when he woke up this morning. Our bedroom was attached to the main bathroom and I heard him start the shower. The curtains screeched as he pulled them back and there was the creaking of the tub floor as he stepped in. Now, he never takes long showers and this shower was becoming particularly long so I decided to walk in and check in on him. Walking in, I pulled the curtain to ask "you okay" but the words never got a chance to escape my mouth. I pulled the curtain to find him with his phone in one hand and meat in another about to cum.

He knew I wouldn't hit him. So as he looked at me with tears streaming from my face, he grabbed his towel, dried off, put on his clothes and went to work.

Seriously! All this access to my wet pu**y and he prefers his wet hand?!!!
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