Women Does It Feel This Way or Is My Wife’s Biologically Different?

Husband and woman in bed not talking

Is my wife’s biologically different?

I’ve been married for about a month now. We both got married as virgins but we did break through over a couple of days. It was painful for her at first and heartbreakingly discomforting for me. Now she’s taking it better. But here lies my question.

We’ve discovered that penetration doesn’t give her any pleasure at all. But grinding does the job perfectly.

I don’t feel good about penetrating seeing that it doesn’t give her any pleasure even though we decided to do the penetration only after she cums via grinding so she can get pregnant.

Now do all or most women feel the same way about penetration? Due to what we discovered, she feels pleasure when her clitoris is stimulated hence head + grinding. Not when she’s penetrated. Because we’ve been figuring out ways to test if we have always been lied to by the media’s presentation of sexual pleasure. Or is it just her biology?

Again if stimulating the clitoris is the key, then penetration from no angle or which style can really do that stimulation? So are all those styles and positions just for the male fantasies or is my wife’s biology different?

Before we miss the point, I just want to know if penetration itself is pleasurable for the woman or is grinding and head what really gives pleasure? She always says the only feeling she gets from penetration is the urge to ‘mess.’

I and my wife would be following the conversation.

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