Women, stop erection shaming.: Hard Ons Are Normal

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Mike Okinyi Sports News Presenter at Citizen TV
Mike Okinyi Sports News Presenter at Citizen TV

Citizen TV sports anchor, Mike Okinyi, was the discussion on Kilimani Mums after one of the ladies in that group took a photo of his big “propeller” when he was reading the news. Instead of watching the news, some ladies were salivating on Mike Okinyi’s machete. 
You see, Erection Shaming is the act of being humiliated for having an erection. The humiliation or shame might be a personal feeling of guilt or from someone else. Making you feel shame, guilt or humiliation for having an erection.

It’s been medically proven that an erection is as natural as the air we breathe and can occur at any time. Although the real question should be ”why can’t men have a permanent erection seeing as sex is one of the top three things on their minds (second to money or power} and they are always on the lookout for sexual opportunities?’’

An image, sound, smell, sight or thought is enough to make a woman horny but her shame is hidden, unlike the man whose shame is visible to any onlooker.

Erection Shaming is usually worse for the guy if it happens in front of a girl who spites and ridicules him. It’s a fuel for her fire and you’ll not hear the end of it till you die.

When tempted to shame a male for having an erection, women, think of how you’d feel if your period started on a bad day, with no pads or tampons, just blood everywhere. That’s officially every woman’s worst nightmare. That’s the same way it occurs for men too.

Women, stop erection shaming. You can’t ridicule someone for a situation they have no control over.

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