You don’t need your hubby’s money to get you going

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Single mother showing his kid how to do homework
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See my life today, years after my ex-husband left me for another woman.

My husband went from being a romantic husband to being a lunatic as I received the shocking news of him impregnating another woman.

He told my family that he didn’t love me anymore when they tried to intervene. I was glad he could be bold enough to admit that, so I left the house without picking anything except my clothes and we stopped communicating.

In May 2017, he wedded with the same woman and it turned out that she wasn’t pregnant. I heard that the woman and her family are even the ones who sponsored the wedding.

Then, 3 weeks after the wedding, he sent people to my family to apologize and say that he regrets everything he said and did to me.

Two months later, I went shopping when I felt someone grab my arm and pulled me close. It was him; looking so dirty, pale, frail and had lost weight. I felt my heart bleed but I had to contain my emotions. I just politely greeted him and told him I was busy. He begged me to have lunch with him as he had a lot to talk about. I agreed and paid for my food.

He then opened up and confessed he is not happy with the woman he married. He said that she’s a control freak, wasteful with resources, can’t clean or cook and is pathetic in bed. He even said, “please don’t get married yet as I have plans of coming back to you.” I rebuked and told him to just teach his woman how best to love him.

He confessed his marriage with this woman is awful and feels bound. I just told him that I’m sorry he is going through this but there’s nothing I could do about it and it’s something he chose in the first place. Furthermore, my getting back with him is a big no-no!

I love this man but I don’t want to have any emotional attachment to him. Besides, I have been successful without him.

My advice goes to the women in the house. It is possible to pick up the pieces even when it seems there’s no light ahead.

You don’t need your hubby’s money to get you going. Seek God’s counsel in prayer, have a big heart, forgive and let go, keep no bitterness and it shall be well. I am very much single by the way and very happy on my own and of course with the Almighty God’s help.

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