Cheating with a married woman for a year and I want to destroy her marriage

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Found out the woman I fell in love with is married, the husband is a withered old dick, the woman is too afraid to leave, and I'm trying to figure out how to sabotage their marriage so he'll kick her out.

I've never been one to discuss my personal life on the internet or care what people think, but this is the most difficult situation I've ever found myself in and I feel compelled to talk about it.

Nearly a year ago I started dating this woman and I immediately felt more connected with her than anyone I've ever met. After a few months of dating, however, her husband found out about us, and she finally admitted the truth to me. In fact, we had started dating only weeks before her wedding, and it was the gradual realization of what a horrible mistake she was trapped in and felt suffocated by, that drove her to look for some kind of release. I was shocked and hurt, but I talked it through with her and we decided to keep seeing each other. Her husband's reaction, on the other hand, was to beat her, call her horrible names, and demand that she tattoo his name on her body.

Coming from a previous abusive relationship, she is very emotionally fragile and easily frightened. As much as she feels no romantic attraction to her husband and realizes he doesn't appreciate her or treat her well, she's terrified of leaving him simply because they've been together for so long and her family adores him. A few weeks ago, feeling so desperate and trapped, she finally gave in and got his tattoo, which was the most devastating thing of all for me, but I understand what drove her to it. She's had the "divorce" discussion so many times, but he's so domineering and absolutely will not budge in any respect, that he's worn her down to the point that she just feels it's hopeless. Even though she knows better, she tries so hard to convince herself that she can be happy with him, because staying in a familiar situation is so much easier than going through a divorce, and also because she feels sorry for him because there's no one else in his life.

This is the first time I've felt this strongly about someone and A) I can't stand the thought of losing her, B) I can't stand the idea of her being stuck with this awful guy (who's way too fucking old for her and doesn't even make enough money to support them without outside assistance) in a loveless marriage for the rest of her life, C) I want to show her that she does deserve to be treated right for probably the first time ever.

Her husband said he would toss her out if she ever cheated on him again. Furthermore, he saw that tattoo as his security that she would never be able to cheat on him again. One can only imagine how devastated he would be if he found out that she's been continuing to cheat on him for months and months after being caught before. After the way he's treated her and the way he's trying to take over her life (he won't allow her to do practically anything on her own, other than going to the store to buy groceries, go to the job that he gave her, and occasionally go to a massage therapist), I couldn't care less about him. I want to rescue her and I want to destroy him in the process.

It finally occurred to me this week that the real solution to this situation is to make him find out she's still cheating on him. But I can't decide how to do it. I'm afraid if she finds out that I outright told him (which I am considering, and have already written a letter but haven't yet pulled the trigger) that she would feel betrayed by me and feel sorrier for him. She's gotten so careful about covering her tracks, I can't figure out a way to make her slip up. How to make sure he knows without a doubt that he can't trust her, without implicating me as the informant.....

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