Dear Men, Here is How to Win at Sex

Romance at its best
So here is the thing: sex, for me, begins hours in advance. As soon as I start to get ready to go out to meet you, its already started. The polite dance, the witty banter, the coy little pinch or poke, the teasing and immediately saccharine apology, the sudden pregnant silence, my awkward glance, the twinkle in your eye as you surprise me with a smack to the arse instead of a kiss.... all of it is part of it, for me.

And the longer you let it build, the more explosive the result.

What I need you to do is make me wait. Touch me, tease me, kiss me, hold me, stroke me, but don't give in and take me yet.

Make me groan with want, trying to seduce you into taking action. Until finally I give in and use my secret weapon - spectacular head - to make you forget why you were holding out in the first place, and finally, flip me over onto all fours to ride me into the mattress.

If we can do this, you'll be the best sex partner in my life.
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