I need some advice about reporting a teacher

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Hi ladies, I'm looking for some insight and advice about a situation that I'm currently in.

A few years back when I was in high school, one of my teachers had an inappropriate sexual relationship with me. It started when I was in form one. He groomed me throughout 3 years until I was halfway through form four. I was 16 when he first kissed me. Things quickly escalated and through different ways of manipulation, he got me to come to his classroom every day after school to either perform oral sex on him or for him to do things to me, eventually leading to him having sex with me.

He preyed on me. I was a shy, quiet, timid person with no friends and no experience with anything sexual. I confided things in him because I trusted him, things about how I never had a father figure in my life and my problems at home. He knew my mom worked evenings and did not keep track of what I did after school. He used all this information to get in a position to abuse me.

He was 41 at the time.

I would very much like to report what happened to me and get some form of justice served. But on the other hand this man knows where I work, and where my mom works and lives. I'm worried about me, and my family's safety with what I know about his anger and him as a person.

I don't know what I should do, any advice would be super helpful!

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