Lesbian Side of The Story - Read Before You Judge

Lesbian Side of The Story
“Am called Miriam and am 25 years of age, Am a lesbian. I realized that I am a lesbian when I was in school because I used to have feelings for my fellow girls. When I finished secondary school, my parents realized or got to know that am a lesbian because they used to hear rumors from people and they used to see my partner visiting me. When they asked me, I denied so what they did, my brother got me his friend to be my boyfriend I did not like it but I accepted and started to pretend just to take away what they heard about me because I still wanted my family and to study.

The time came when my so-called boyfriend wanted sex and I refused, I played him around all the time when he asked for it or when he brought up that topic until he got tired and he went and told my brother about it. My brother went and told my other family members, and this is when I started experiencing hell on earth. When my results came back I had performed well but they refused to pay my tuition at the university, so I had to tell them the truth about my feelings for the same sex.

What they did they organized a family meeting to device ways of making me straight and I come out of that horrible behavior. The family decided to organize a collective rape and I did not know about it, they wanted it to look as if it was done by other people. They did not want me to know that it’s them who had organized it. My brother was the ringleader and my mother did not know about this because she was always on my side. I was raped and the bad thing I got pregnant, but I thank God that I was not infected with HIV. They got to know that I was pregnant, and they knew that I will abort so what they did my brother took me to my uncles' place because if I stayed home my mother would help me abort because she was not in support of it. My uncle made sure I do not leave home until I gave birth.

I gave birth to twins and, so they thought they had cured me. My partner was there for me and she supported me very much during this period until I gave birth. She would come at my uncle's place to visit me and bring for me something’s to use so after giving birth, one day my brother found her at my uncle's place she had come to visit me, my brother told them that I was still a lesbian she told them that I and my girlfriend still see each other. They confronted me and asked me whether am still lesbian and I told them point-blank that I will never have feelings for men and I will never love men. I told them I have someone I love, and she loves me too.

They decided to disown me and they threw me out of the house and told me to leave with my kids. They said that am a bad omen to the family. I don’t know the father of my babies, but I love them very much though one of them is asthmatic and this scares me a lot, I did not manage to finish my education and yet I passed my exams well.” $ads={2}
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