My challenges are so numerous but please, I desperately need your advice on this!

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Sad and desperate woman

I need your advice on what to do right now. I am at a crossroad and I feel like dying. I fear that I would soon become a disgrace to my family.

I met a man around June this year, and he made it clear that he wanted a serious relationship that would lead to marriage. We started dating, and by September we had become very close. I started visiting him, and I even introduced him to my sister.

He claimed he loved me, and I considered the fact that he appeared quite matured and responsible. He was 37, so I stupidly threw all caution to the wind. Last week, I discovered that I am pregnant for him, and when I told him about it, his response wasn’t pleasant.

He got angry and started calling me all sorts of names; he asked me if I was a child and didn’t know what to do like other girls. He asked me to come for an abortion on Monday; otherwise, he is out of the relationship.

I have few hours until Monday to make a decision. Right now, I am the most confused human being on earth. I am so frustrated, destabilized, and depressed. All I can think of now is leaving this earth for good.

I don’t even know how to face my parents & siblings. I don’t know whether I should go for the abortion or not. If I decide not to abort it, I fear I will not be able to carter for myself and the baby’s needs. Secondly, if I am to keep the baby I will have to leave the job because it is stressful.

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