My Shitty Husband Had Me Arrested

Woman abused by husband

I almost spent the weekend in Jail! It was the most horrible, frightening, humiliating experience of my life. I've never been in any kind of trouble before... I'd never even been to a police station or jail for any reason -- and I've been a wreck ever since. Can't sleep, can't focus to work, cry all the time, I even fall apart just having a police car pull up next to me at an intersection.

So, what happened? My husband who has verbally and sometimes physically abused me for 10+ years had decided to own to himself the TV which I bought with my own money, he would watch then lock it in the cupboard just in time before my favorite soap just because I didn't clean-up the bedroom like he asked (this is how he punishes our kids for not doing their chores). Now some background... I've been clinically depressed for several years. In the last 6 months it had been getting a lot worse. Just last month I was taken off one medication that I had reacted negatively with and had just started a new med but was not doing well at all. Last Friday I confronted my husband and he refused to open up so that I could watch, I LOST IT. I grabbed him by the neck and shook him while I yelled "I hate you!" a couple times.

I was SO shocked (and so was my husband). I have NEVER done ANYTHING like that EVER. I've NEVER been violent. I HATE violence. I hate seeing it around me, or watching it on TV. and violence of any kind is NOT ACCEPTABLE in my home. That just was not like me at all. I know it was wrong, but I also know that my deteriorating emotional/mental condition along with the med changes had to have something to do with it. BUT... my husband said he was going to call the police. I BEGGED him not to. I told him I was sorry and that we could work through this. It lasted about 3 seconds... I didn't hurt him, he was in no danger, and he was not afraid. But with one phone call he just about destroyed me.

I have been charged with harassment/domestic violence. This is so horribly ironic. HE is the victim. I am the criminal. I've been abused by him for years. There were times when I could have call the police and had him arrested (no serious physical abuse but still stuff that would have qualified). But I never wanted to do that - not to him or our family. We run a business together as well. But HE obviously didn't think of those things. He says he regrets it now, but that doesn't change the charges against me or what I went through in jail.

My husband wants to get the charges dropped but I am so angry. I've always tried to be a good person. I've never been in trouble. And now they want to take away some of my rights and mark me a dangerous person for the rest of my life. It makes me so angry and the process, for me, is so confusing and scary and humiliating.

To anyone who actually takes the time to read this through... Thank you.
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