Not all moms lose baby weight fast

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We see so many exciting stories about "I was in pre-pregnancy clothes in the hospital" or "I worked out for three weeks and got my body back" or "breastfeeding and the weight melted off." While we are always (usually?) happy for these ladies, those of us who aren't so lucky or diligent feel kind of deflated. I wanted to bring to the table a bit of a different experience. My son is 6 months old and today I put on my first pair of pants with buttons and a zipper. Yes, I'm here to confess that until today if I was wearing pants they were either yoga pants (not so bad) or my maternity jeans (wtf body, just wtf?)

With my daughter, I was able to get into a normal size soon after, though nowhere near my pre-pregnancy weight. In fact, I never reached that. I gained 60 pounds with her pregnancy and lost all but the last 15. Then over the years hormonal issues and treatments (depo-lupron to be exact) along with other medications caused weight to slowly creep back on. With my son, I gained 30 pounds and am fighting to drop the last 15. I breastfed for nearly 6 months and could not shed a SINGLE solitary pound. IN FACT, I gained 5 pounds while breastfeeding (and this was eating insanely well!) Since stopping the breastfeeding I've been able to find a diet that works with my body and ever so slowly I'm seeing little bits of "normal" again.

Don't lose hope. Not everyone recovers overnight, in a month or two, or even in a few years, and that is okay. I'll probably be still fighting with weight in another 6 months. Give yourself permission to love your body. You're so fantastically crafty you made a person. Celebrate that no matter what you look like. Take pictures with your baby where your chin has its own chin because you're smooshing those cheeks with kisses. Take the awkward video where your arm looks bigger than your baby and you can absolutely see your tummy. Even if you don't like how you look now, you might and probably will eventually look different, and if nothing else you can look back and say "look how far I've come!" And if you don't ever change, at least you won't kick yourself ten years from now for not having captured these wonderful memories.

I'll stop being sappy now. I just wanted to share my happiness and a dose of encouragement with you all.

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