Nothing makes women hornier than access to somebody else’s money

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Couple at the ATM

Research has shown that women are 80% more time romantic when standing beside their men at the ATM machine

Amazing!! A man looks around and says “I’m gonna make something!!”

A female goes around and says “I’m gonna get me somebody else’s something for free!!” and “who wants a piece of THIS?!!”

That is why females can be counted on to ALWAYS vote collectivism. They’ll go with whoever promises them “free” stuff at the cost of enslaving others to pay for it, mostly, OF COURSE, men. Enslaving females is useless. They are good for nothing.

Collectivist have natural allies in females and vice-versa. You have to convince men to vote for you.

You only have to promise females “free” stuff.

What do women have in common?

  • They have no respect for men’s rights.
  • They think they are entitled to goods that belong to men.
  • They think they are entitled to enslave men.
  • They think that men are stupid.
  • They think their ways will last them forever.
  • They have no an iota of empathy for men. They don’t see us as human but as farm animals.

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